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Energy Alternatives new off-grid shop in Smithers

We have now completed our relocation and operating 100% off-grid from our brand new, purpose built facility near Smithers, BC.

We thank all of our Vancouver Island area customers for their years of patronage. Mobile technicians will continue to service our existing as well as new clients on Vancouver Island and area.

EA is now located on a 160 acre off-grid homestead that we originally set up with an off-grid power system in 2002. When the property went up for sale, it presented an excellent opportunity for change and to walk our talk by running the entire company off-grid.

The original power system (1 kW of solar, 1 kW wind generator, 4 kW inverter with 85T27 battery bank and 12 kW propane generator) is still going strong. More solar PV and a diesel generator has been added. It's gratifying for us to see a system like this going strong after 11 years of operation.

Special effort has been taken during fall of 2012 to construct our new 4,000 sq. ft. warehouse and shop to high energy performance standards. Many small details add up to a very efficient structure that retains heat very well. Electricity is supplied by solar, wind and generator backup. Radiant slab heating from a wood gasification boiler currently with solar hot water & waste heat recovery from the generator.

Being off-grid enables us to use our facility as a live testing laboratory for the products we sell, and offer our customers live demonstrations.

Kevin Pegg



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