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Are you looking for a pre-built, secure, and
transportable power solution for your remote site?

Look no further than EA's containerized Power Systems.

Energy Alternatives has been building containerized power systems since 2007 with dozens of units in the field today. These are field-proven systems that will provide extremely reliable electrical power.

• Shipping containers are easily transported, inexpensive, rugged and secure.
• Common sizes are 8x10 or 8x20
• Can be painted to whatever colours you wish
• If there's a road, we can get it there. No road - can be flown in.
• 120, 120/240, 120/208 3-phase outputs possible.
• Inverter capacities from 4 to 60 kW.
• Easily ties into existing electrical infrastructure.
• Integration of renewable energy sources such as wind, solar or microhydro.
• Satellite Internet / Phone systems. Voice over IP.
• Computer networks. EA can design and deploy a wired or wireless network.
• Remote monitoring and control systems allow technicians to monitor system.
• Keeps track of energy used / fuel consumed.


Pre-Designed systems

7.5 kW. Entry level system for clients with light power requirements.

15 kW. Medium sized system for sites with moderate power needs.

25kW. Larger system for more substantial power needs.

100 kW diesel / battery power plant.

Case Studies

Gwawaenuk First Nations. EA designed, fabricated and installed a hybrid containerized power system to provide 24hr electricity, Internet, phone and water to the community.

Taloyoak, Nunavut water treatment plant. 8.4kW PV, 3 kW wind, 150 kWh battery bank, 24 kW inverter panel, 40 kW diesel generator. Prefabricated in Vancouver, barged to Taloyoak. Installation to be completed July 2011.

Olympic Rings, Vancouver, BC. EA was contracted to design and supply a hybrid containerized power system to power the Olympic rings floating in Vancouver Harbour.

Forestry Research Camp. This site had previously relied on a large diesel generator.

Recreational Property. This site required an upgraded power system and had no building to locate it in.

Industrial Work Camp. Looking for a system that did not require running a generator 24x7.

Recreational Property. Customer looking a secure location to install power system and use to construct new building

Hybrid Containerized Power System for off-grid retreat near Vancouver. This will be used as power supply for the construction phase.


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