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Water Heating

Water heating is a major energy consumer. Although the energy consumed daily is often less than for air conditioning or heating, it is required year round, making it a good application of solar energy.

Use this spreadsheet to explore the energy usage of your water heater, and to estimate whether a solar water heater could save you money.



Water Heating Calculator

Water Heater Characteristics
Physical Thermal
Diameter (feet) Water Inlet Temperature (Degrees F)
Capacity (gallons) Ambient Temperature (Degrees F)
Surface Area (calculated - sq ft) Hot Water Temperature (Degrees F)
Effective R-value Hot Water Usage (Gallons per Day)
Energy Use
Heat Delivered in Hot Water (BTU/hr)
Heat loss through insulation (BTU/hr)

Gas vs. Electric Water Heating
Gas Electric
Overall Efficiency
Conversion Efficiency 0.98
BTU/hr Power Into Water Heater BTU/hr
$ /Therm Utility Rates $ /kWh
$ Yearly Water Heating Cost $
How Does Solar Compare?
Solar Water Heater Cost: $ Percentage Solar:
years for gas Payback Time for Solar System years for electric


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